Following on from a strong community engagement at the beginning of the Stockingfield project we received 14 bids to make art for the site.
We have been through a selection process and we now have 8 projects which have come from the local communities and beyond.


Anoushka Havinden. “A river of words on the granite lock stones”

Anouska, a poet and artist, based in Dunoon looked at the plans and identified the granite lock stones as the site for her artwork. She formerly lived on a houseboat at the Claypits. She is keen to work with the community to make “A river of words” that will identify the important ideas, places, folk and history of the area. She will attempt to make the words flow from the community into the etching onto the granite lock stones.

Boom Community Arts. “Community designed paving stones made from recycled drinks cans.”

Boom communities is a SCIO working mainly in the Northwest of Glasgow to deliver community art workshops and activities. They would like to work with three artists and the local communities with a view to making paving slabs that reflect both the history of the area and the changing seasons. They are interested in organising litter picks with a view to using the tin cans and a forge to make metal sections in the paving slabs. It is envisioned that the paving slabs will land in the centre of the nodes on the site.

Check out Boom Community Arts’ updates here.

David Galbraith. “Landscaping showing Nature reclaiming the industrial past”

David Galbraith is a former mixed martial artist who runs a gym on Lochburn road. He is also a works as a landscape artist specialising in vivariums. His proposal is to alter and bury a car and possibly other industrial detritus and arrange planting to physically show nature taking over our industrial past. He would do this in conjunction with members of his gym and fight club and would possibly talk about this with local schools.

Lambhill Stables. “Ceramic panels and tiles based on community artworks”

Lambhill Stables is a community hub just along from Stockingfield at Lambhill. They have proposed to make ceramic artworks based on previously commission community artwork. (The Shangie) They will work with their existing communities and with a ceramicist and a painter. They will make a series of on glaze transfer ceramic tiles. These will form either large sections or a mosaic of smaller pieces. These will land on the cast concrete benches that populate the site and possibly in other locations.

Louise McVey “The Voice”

A ceramic graffiti artist based in the west end of Glasgow. She is proposing two artworks, one a sculptural intervention modelled on her guerrilla ceramic work in Glasgow in collaboration with a well-known metal worker. This would be situated under the main deck. The other piece would involve several benches combined with planting and fruit trees. She would work with the local community to make a series of ceramic panels that would then decorate the benches. These would be located across the site.

Louise Nolan. “Artist in residence making ceramic panels and pieces based on community engagement and historical research”

The artist in residence for the Maryhill ward Louise is one of the most connected folk in the area. A professional ceramicist and builder of networks she provided invaluable help with the community engagement. Her proposal is to make a series of handmade ceramic panels reflecting the historical and natural landscape of the location.  This would be combined with colourful tiles and commissioned commemorative tiles made in conjunction with the community groups. These works could be situated in several locations on site.

 Nicola McHendry “Heritage officer interpreting the district in a visual manner to show the history and landscape of the district”

Nicola McHendry is the heritage officer at Maryhill Burgh Halls. In this instance she is working as a freelancer. She will lead community engagement with local groups to understand the stories behind the geography of the district and will then work with an artist to create an artwork that will allow the district to be understood from the deck below the mast. This will also lead to an exhibition at Maryhill Burgh Halls.

“A series of metal panels celebrating the disabled community in Glasgow”

Possibilities is a Disability Charity base in Possilpark. They are proposing making a series of metal panels celebrating the role of disabled folk in the community and hopefully inspiring disabled folk to use the canals for active travel. They will design the artworks within their own communities, and they will then hand over the designs to be jet cut out of metal panels. At this point it is envisioned that these will form the bases of the benches around the mast on the deck.