Our policies are under review. We’ll published them when formally adopted.

We understand that as a Scottish public body, we can play a part in ensuring that Gaelic has a sustainable future and so provide for our Gaelic speaking customers.

We recognise the aspects of language development identified by the National Plan for Gaelic – to enhance language acquisition, usage, status and language corpus. We have been proactive in identifying appropriate ways in which we can support Gaelic language development and create practical opportunities for its use.

We aim to:

  • Support interested staff in developing Gaelic language skills
  • Provide appropriate printed material about the Highland Canals in Gaelic
  • Where appropriate, include Gaelic on signage
  • Offer primary schools the opportunity to learn about the Scottish Canals through the medium of Gaelic
  • Support the development and delivery of initiatives promoting Gaelic in areas local to the Scottish canals

To date, we have:

  • Supported staff members’ interest in Gaelic and facilitated the development of their language skills
  • Created a Gaelic leaflet about the Caledonian Canal, to sit alongside the English version
  • Promoted Gaelic on fixed interpretation signage in the Great Glen as part of the Great Glen Ways Initiative, with our partner organisations
  • Provided Gaelic translations of the Caledonian Canal Visitor Centre interpretation displays
  • Supported the development and delivery of the Caledonian Canal Cèilidh Trail, promoting Gaelic and traditional music and storytelling events
  • Created printed Gaelic educational material as part of our online and loan box resources for primary schools
  • Included Gaelic on boaters’ canal key fobs on the Caledonian Canal
  • Included an interview in Gaelic with one of our members of staff on a promotional tourism DVD
  • Promoted our efforts through Gaelic press releases to BBC Alba and Radio nan Gàidheal